Relax chic

Covvers stands for "relax chic" at its best.

Elegant and sophisticated harmonies make a home stand out from the crowd and make friends and family feel welcome.

Our Story


The adventure started when the founder, Ingrid, decided it was time for a whole new career. After a busy 30 years as the head of design and production of a high-end fashion brand, she decided it was time for something new.

Before taking up a new challenge, she took a sabbatical year and travelled around the world. She visited inspirational places like Japan , Alaska, the Caribbean and Canada.


Driven by a passion for beauty and interior she went back to school and successfully graduated as an international interior designer in 2020. During her assignments she realized finding beautifully themed cushions were often the missing link. They are an unexpensive way to create beautiful interiors but very hard to find. There just wasn't a consistent range of high quality, timeless colours and beautiful patterns, not too expensive and especially without spending hours searching.

After many visits to interior stores and numerous online clicks on home-deco sites, Ingrid decided to use her expertise in textiles and fabrics.

Covvers was born. 

The approach?

A fresh idea by bringing complete collections with themes and seasons, just like in fashion, in a fairly traditional market that tends easily to the expensive high-end or coming from far with poor quality. 

Love for fabrics and quality

Ingrid already had a lot of expertise in fashionable fabrics, an important skill in her research into interior textiles. Frequent testing and comparing dozens of materials and technical specifications finally resulted in a careful selection of fabrics, lovingly composed with themes and stories, just like in fashion.  

The end result?  

Designer quality at affordable prices and a new approach to cushion
covers, based on durability, because we care. 

Our vision

Happiness requires a home, your home  

We all deserve to live happily in a beautiful home and to be proud of our interior without losing time and money. Covvers helps to discover the ultimate pleasure of feel-good cushions for yourself and your loved ones, each season.

Our values


All fabrics are produced in Europe and many are woven in Belgium, so our footprint on the environment is kept as small as possible. We only work with authentic, traditional fabrics and with respect for ecological productions, unharmful to people or environment.

Our inner cushions are made especially for Covvers and the filling is a 100% recycled fiber from Pet bottles, indeed. So we can help to reduce the mountain of waste.

Thanks to you!

Eu Ecolabel


It is Covvers’ choice not only to produce at a superior level in Belgium, but also to help people. Our cushions are produced by Kunnig, a remarkable company in Antwerp that gives work opportunities to less fortunate but highly skilled people. Each order is tailor-made so that we can provide work all year round, which ensures regular productions without leaving waste. The cooperation, passion and gratitude of the people is heartwarming.


Our cushions are simply packed in protection and cardboard that can be reused or recycled. Because Covvers is convinced that cushions are an inexpensive and joyful way to adapt interiors to seasons and trends, we want to encourage our customers, in exchange for value, to return cushion covers, that are no longer used so we can recover them within our recycling program.

Our Recycling program

Recycling solution

Once you have experienced Covvers' cushions in your interior, you will enjoy this easy and affordable way to spice up your interior every season.

But if you don't use old cushion covers anymore, think about their second life.

After all, they can still be used to help other people.

Covvers therefore considers it its duty to also provide a recycling solution for cushion covers that have been replaced. 

How does it work?

By working together with a leading network in Belgium that ensures the sorting and processing of used textiles.

That way you not only support local social employment projects, but also good causes worldwide.

Their partners also ensure that what is no longer reusable or sellable, will be recycled by third parties into new raw materials.

This way Covvers helps to close a sustainable circle. 

How can you recycle your cushion covers?

  1. For each order number, you can return one package up to max. 5 kg to us.
  2. Pack securely in an envelope or box within a maximum size of 60 x 60 x 60 cm.
  3. Fill out the return form on the website. State the order number you received with your last order and mention an estimated weight for your package. ( a cushion cover weighs about 0.2 kg, to give you an idea)
  4. You will receive a free shipping label from Covvers that you attach to your package.
  5. Drop off your parcel at your nearest dpd parcel shop.
  6. Our team receives and sorts the shipments weekly.
  7. You will receive a unique code by e-mail to enjoy a 10% discount on your next order.
  8. Covvers delivers your sorted goods to the network, which upgrades them for the second-hand circuit or has them recycled back into raw materials.

Customized cushions

All fabrics are of the highest quality.
This, along with a tailor-made service, results in cushion collections of discrete luxury that breathe an abundance of warm feelings into every home. 

Create an elegant unified space with customized cushions that coordinate perfectly with your interior.

Select the fabric and size to create versatile accents with cushions made to your specifications.
Sizes vary by collection because we offer the best price options only.


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