How to select the right cushions

Are there too many to choose from?

With so many sizes and designs in our collection, finding the right cushions can be difficult, but do not panic!

We're here to make styling easy, so we've created an easy-peasy guide that gives you the basics to master styling.

Because cushions are the most ideal way to give your interior a personal touch.

Use this handy guide to make the right choice for your space.

Here's our guide step by step:

  1. Choose your colour palette
  2. Decide the number of cushions
  3. Choose the right mix of sizes and shapes
  4. Play with textures and materials
  5. Arrange your cushions in the best way

Step 1:  Determine your colour palette

When choosing cushions for your space, you have to take two aspects into account and the trick is to combine these aspects effortlessly:

On one hand, you have to take into account the colour of the furniture for which you choose the cushions, such as the colour of your sofa, chair, bed, etc. This combination should always be harmonious and complementary.

To help you with this, Covvers has already made a selection of cushions for you that combine perfectly with your furniture.

Go to the "All cushions" in the menu and indicate the colour of your furniture, based on this selection, we show you the cushions that match, so you have already made a preselection.

Then take into account existing accents in your space that you wish to accentuate and choose colours that combine nicely with them, such as a harmonious link to a work of art or painting, a carpet, certain pieces of furniture or decorative accessories.

This space shows a selection from the Peruvians collection

Step 2: Choose the right number of cushions

When determining the number of cushions, consider many, generous, abundant and luxurious! Choose a style for your space and let this determine whether or not you go for an odd or even number of cushions.

For a more traditional look, stick with an even number of cushions to give the room more symmetry. Odd numbers are often a bit more arty and more suitable to modern interiors.

You are always in the right place with one single cushions on a one-seater sofa and five cushions for a three-seater sofa. Always make sure that your furniture is still visible, but don't be too spare with your number of cushions, because that can give a rather dull effect.

Choosing the right amount is all about finding a good proportion and balance.

This space shows a selection of the Chillies collection

Step 3: Choose the right mix of sizes and shapes

If you would only use the same shape or size of cushions, you would get a rather boring look. Combining different shapes and sizes spice up your space and makes it visually interesting.

An easy way to achieve a coordinated look is to first choose one or two 65 x 65 cm square cushions that harmonize with the colour of your furniture and then add at least one 60 X 50 cm cushion. Is your space not big enough? Then go for a combination of 60 x 50 cm with 50 x 50 cm.

Always complete the look with a smaller rectangular cushion measuring 30 x 50 cm or 30 x 40 cm. And if you have enough space, take them both, but in different materials and make sure to always add a luxurious 30 x 70 cm, presented in the middle.

A large oversized cushion is also useful as floor cushion and gives your interior a casual look.

The designs you choose must of course always match your furniture, but can also refer to an accent colour within your interior. Don't be afraid to try different patterns, but keep in mind that they should complement each other, so if one is more bold, the other shouldn't be too busy.

Covvers has already selected all materials for you in each collection, so that you always score the right combination.

This space shows a selection of the Caymans collection


Step 4: Play with textures and materials

Colours and sizes are not the only interesting option that cushions offer for styling your interior. The use of distinctive materials and textures can actually enhance the other materials in your space.

Play with contrasts to make your statement.

For example, you can best strengthen smooth or cool materials by combining them with warm natural fabrics.

Plain velvet goes well with natural materials such as cotton and linen to just add that touch of elegance.

Raw linen materials go well with authentic woods and leather.

Fur imitation cushions give each room a soft look and an extra cosy ambiance.

By combining materials and textures with existing elements, you can immediately make a statement and add an harmonious mix to your interior.

Make sure to check out all the settings that Covvers has photographed under each product page, so that you will be inspired to try new things and bring out your unique style.

This space shows a selection of the Colombians collection


Step 5: Arrange your cushions in the best way

There are no set rules for arranging cushions, but there are a few basic concepts you can use to get the best out of your range. Remember that a successful arrangement involves creating several layers.

Try to use an odd number of cushions and start with your large cushions at the back and place the smaller ones forward. For large sofas, try placing two or three cushions on each side and one or two in the center so that each part of the sofa is balanced.

Keep experimenting until you know what you like. Once you have found your ideal composition, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of your new cushions!

This space shows a selection of the Cubans collection

Have fun styling !!